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COLARES ADVOCACIA team of professionals  incorporate the competence, seriousness and dynamism in the exercise of the law, being made up of some of the best representatives of Brazilian law.
Our members combine experience, technical knowledge and the idea that prosperity, development and ethics are not mutually exclusive, as opposed, walk together. In order to better serve our customers, we now have more and better structure and can offer office services in the areas of Real Estate Law, Tax, Labor, Commercial, Civil, Family and Criminal.

Experience at your service
Our office labora mainly in the area of ​​immigration and international law, with direct involvement in the various áreas dealing with the legal status of foreigners situation in the country, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Justice and the Federal Police Department, as well as the Brazilian Consulates situated in different countries.

We aim
provision of legal services to our clients.

zeal and the customers of the interests of defense.

Professional secrecy
and discretion as regards the interests of our constituents.

seriousness and diligence in conducting our services.

technical accuracy
the conduct of our professionals.

cost-effective charging their customers with amounts paid within the market standards.

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