With extensive experience in this industry, we deal with all the bureaucracy involving requests and procedures of various types of residences and visas and other issues related to foreigners in Brazil. Here we see the main services:

  • Residence for professionals in remote work – Digital Nomad;
  • residence permit for health care;
  • renewal of the term of residence of immigrants in health care;
  • residence permit for study purposes;
  • renewal of the term of residence of the immigrant student;
  • residence permit holiday-work;
  • residence permit based on family reunification (parents, children, grandchildren, grandparents, stepchildren, stepparents, stepmothers, curatelas, tutored, siblings);
  • renewal of immigrant residence term family reunion situation;
  • changing the term family residence, temporary to indefinite;
  • residence permit on the basis of agreement or Residence Treaty;
  • renewal of the resident immigrant residence period on the basis of agreement or treaty;
  • change of residence period on the basis of agreement or treaty, temporary to indefinite;
  • immigrant residence permit record that had recognized refugee status by CONARE (National Committee for Refugees);
  • immigrant residence permit record that had granted political asylum by the Brazilian government;
  • Registration immigrant residence permit had recognized their stateless status;
  • residence permit the immigrant who is on bail or serving sentence;
  • renewal of immigrant residence time which is on bail or serving sentence;
  • immigrant residence permit previously regularized on the basis of family reunion;
  • Replacement Migration National Registration Card (former RNE – National Registry of Foreigners) resident for an indefinite period in the course of due to the expiry date of the document;
  • residences for foreign investors investing in domestic companies;
  • residences for administrators, executives, managers or directors with management powers, to represent civil or commercial company, group or economic conglomerate;
  • visas and residences for retirees;
  • temporary visas and residence permits for the practice of religious activities;
  • visas and residence permits for volunteer work with the entity of public or private non-profit organization or
  • linked to foreign government;
  • visas and residence permits for carrying out activities as a correspondent of newspaper, magazine, radio,
  • television and news agency;
  • seen tourism and business;
  • temporary residences for foreigners as an artist or sportsman under contract for a specified period without employment relationship with the person or legal entity based in Brazil;
  • residences for work without employment in Brazil for technology transfer;
  • residences for work without employment in Brazil for seafarers on board ship to cruise along the Brazilian coast;
  • residences for work without employment in Brazil for seafarers on foreign flag vessel or platform;
  • residences for work without employment in Brazil for service or technical assistance to the Brazilian government;
  • residences for work without employment in Brazil under an international cooperation agreement;
  • residences for work without employment in Brazil to represent the country, financial institution or similar institution based abroad;
  • residences for work without employment in Brazil to represent corporate private non-profit;
  • residences for post exercise, function, or assignment without employment in Brazil, for an indefinite period, due to specific federal legislation requires residence in Brazil;
  • residences without employment for immigrant labor in Brazil linked to Economic Group whose headquarters is situated in Brazil, with a view to training and assimilation of the corporate culture of the company concerned management methodology;
  • residences for work without employment in Brazil to receive professional training by the subsidiary, branch or Brazilian matrix;
  • temporary visa and residence permit for research, teaching or academic extension scientist, researcher, teacher,
  • professional abroad who intend to come to the country, with a period of stay of ninety (90) days;
  • residence for work purposes with employment in Brazil, professional athlete status, defined by law;
  • residences for work without employment in Brazil for seafarers on foreign vessels fishing leased by a Brazilian company;
  • residence for conducting research, teaching or academic extension to link the country;
  • temporary visa and residence the largest immigrant fourteen and under eighteen years to carry out sports activities;
  • residence for work purposes for conducting professional training or professional exchange;
  • residences in special cases related to labor;
  • naturalizations;
  • Renewals of deadlines or change to indeterminate residences granted in Brazil or abroad of competence of the Ministry of Labor or the Ministry of Justice;
  • stay Extensions of time tourist and temporary;
  • administrative defenses due to tax assessment notices issued by the Federal Police Department;
  • restoration of stay and other visas and residences;
  • amnesty;
  • and performance monitoring of compulsory withdrawals processes such as extradition, deportation and expulsion of foreigners.

Other fields of operations
Considering the urgent need to provide security, certainty and stability to entrepreneurs who invest in Brazil, giving them development is that COLARES ADVOCACY office to provide legal advice, with extensive experience in litigation and consulting operations professionals in the State of Ceará, offers its services:

Consultancy specialized technical, verbal or written, of his lawyers on the matter or issue specific, apriorísitica or ongoing;

Acting in the national administrative level, state or local, including as to administrative processes, and;

Litigation defense of the interests of its customers and fulfillment of all legal acts that may be necessary in the course of disputes.
For the better development of their duties, the COLARES ADVOCACY professionals working in specific legal sectors in the office or through partnerships, which include the following:

International right
Consultancy and advice with respect to Law 13,445 / 2017 (Migration Law) and Decree 9.199 / 2017 (standard which regulates the law of Migration), equal civil and political rights, family relocation, international succession, import, export, capital registration alien in Central Bank of Brazil (RDE-IED), capital repatriation, enforcement of letters rogatory, international contracts, rectification of foreign settlements in the Federal Police Department, foreign certificates transcripts in the registry offices of the states and Federal District, judgment of approval foreign, brazilians emigration to other countries: visa and citizenship to various countries.

Civil, Commercial, Family and Probate
Obligations and contracts governed by civil and commercial law. Property Law (eg. Use, possession and ownership of movable and immovable property, public and private). Bankruptcy, settlement, securities: executions; collection and redemption). Mergers, acquisitions. patrimonial inheritance: inheritance; inventories; listing or domestic and foreign goods shares. Family Law: marriage schemes; divorce; separations and moieties goods. Everything else involving the business pact between individuals.

Particularly with respect to the allocation of illegal and commit crimes and their investigation of the crime by the judicial and administrative authorities and its effects in relation to the legal stay of foreign affairs in the country. Through partnerships or even the office members also operate in defenses investigated, indicted and accused in investigations and criminal proceedings.

Advice and preventive advice to avoid labor claims. Challenges to labor and resources. Calculations of money and labor claims, appeals, execution, oral arguments in the Regional Labor Courts, Labor High Court and Supreme Court, the employment contract termination, Collective Bargaining (legal, economic and strike).

Real estate
Contracts of sale, barter, payment in kind, constitution of mortgages, leases and joint ventures to operate in the real estate segment. Advising on the structuring of securitization of real estate receivables operations, real estate debentures and real estate investment funds. Assistance in setting up shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, theme parks, real estate developments, condominiums, subdivisions, housing cooperatives and real estate consortia. real estate audits to evaluate, from the legal aspect, the real estate assets of companies. Issue of studies and opinions on the various real estate issues.